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Night Time Wellbeing Box
  • Night Time Wellbeing Box

    Value from £43-£53

    Wind Down at the end of the day with a Relaxing Ritual to help Soothe, Comfort and drift off to Sleep.

    A relaxing night time Ritual can go a long way to a good nights sleep. Each product in this box has been carefully selected from small independent brands to bring calm and tranquility to anyone needing to take some time out. Enjoy a warm salt bath with a comforting mug of calm cocoa whilst the Relaxing aroma of a Luna Candle envelopes you in a wave of calm.

    Included in your Night Time Box:-

    Luna Wellbeing Collection Candle - Relax 180g net, approx 35+hrs burn time

    Calm Cocoa - Original Rich Mix 60g (approx double serving)

    A Luna Eyes Self Heating Mask (1 Eye Mask)

    Luna Botanical Bath Soak-Relax 300g Jar


    Choice to add in a

    Luna Relax Aromaroller 10mls (extra £8)


    Included in your Night Time Ritual Box:-

    • Luna Wellbeing Collection Candle - Relax

    Chamomile | Lavender | Geranium

    Natural scent for unconditional tranquility and calm.

    100% natural Essential Oil blend to ease you into a calm state, helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, enhancing general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

    Aromatic lavender, clary sage, chamomile and geranium entwine with refreshing notes of bergamot.

    180g net, approx 35+hrs burn time

    Calm Cocoa - Original Rich Mix

    Meredith’s original hot chocolate mix was created for her meditation sessions and is a deep, smooth blend of two chocolate origins.

    With rich nuttiness, uplifting roasted aromas and subtle hints of jammy berries, sit somewhere quiet and immerse yourself in its warm embrace.

    The Original Rich Mix contains lovingly flaked single origin dark chocolate with a dash of organic cacao powder, a splash of organic coconut sugar and a teensy pinch of sea salt. It’s designed to melt easily and give you a full (yet gentle!) chocolatey hit.

    The label of the pack opens up with instructions for making your perfect cup of Calm Cocoa. It also comes with a special Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditation card for you to sip your hot chocolate as a self-guided meditation.

    60g (approx double serving)

    • Luna Botanical Bath Soak- Relax

    A relaxing combination of 100% natural essential oils, nourishing Coconut Oil and cleansing Salts helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, easing you into a calm state.

    300g Jar net weight

    • Hand Tied Mini Dried Lavender Bunch

    A small bouquet of lavender to help bring calmness as the relaxing scent escapes the minute you lift the lid of your wellness box

    PriceFrom £39.00
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