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NEW Wax Melts
  • NEW Wax Melts


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    HIGHLAND RETREAT- Cedar | Musk | Sandalwood

    Transport yourself to a secluded log cabin in the Scottish Highlands, where a blazing fire creates a warm and intimate ambiance that blends with the earthy notes of cypress and cedar, complemented by a subtle hint of sandalwood. 

    Subtle & soothing, calming & sophisticated. A woody floral musk destined to be a timeless classic. (Available in candle and wax melts)


    UNDER THE STARS -Berry | Jasmine | Musk

    Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the night sky, enveloped in unforgettable fruity and floral scents infused with hints of musk and woody fragrances as mesmerizing as the shimmering moon. Under the Stars, with its captivating blend of berry, rose, and jasmine, takes you on a scent-filled journey into nature's embrace. (Available in candle and wax melts).


    Lunar Whisper - Jasmine | Orange Blossom | Vetiver

    Enter a dreamy garden, full of floral and fruity aromas, its fragrance a spell binding arrangement of delicate florals refreshing citrus and seductive woods warmed by amber will envelop you in a warm embrace. You'll feel as if you are dancing under the starry sky, the mystical moon watching over you. Lunar Whisper (Available in wax melts only)


    Arabian Rose Garden - Rose | Amber | Pink Pepper

    This aroma will set you dreaming of a flowering Arabian rose gardens on a bright summer day, while seamlessly marrying fruity and floral aromas with a touch of spice.  Sensual and powerful, its sure to dazzle and excite. (Available in wax melts only)







    Each pouch contains 6 large square botanical wax melts (70g)  in a beautiful biodegradable pouch. Hand-poured coconut and rapeseed wax blend infused with premium fragrance oil and topped with dried botanicals.

    Place a full melt into the top of your burner (recommended a minimum of 10cm tall with a 4hr tealight).

    Wax melts can be used in electric burners however the scent may NOT be as strong.

    Each individual square has a burn time of approx. 12hrs

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